Founded based on need.

The Cannabis Network was founded in January 2015. It was originally organized to help Nevada's Cannabis Industry to get to know each other through a series of monthly meetings which included networking and education. Today TCN is providing services to the businesses in the Cannabis Industry throughout Nevada as well as the surrounding states. We hope to grow into a nation-wide networked organization of strategically integrated resources and referrals specifically for the cannabis industry.


CeCe Stanton

CeCe has 4+ years of experience expanding her knowledge and resources in the Cannabis industry throughout NV, AZ, CO, WA, CA and OR. She also is the SME for Business Intelligence & Event Planning.

Born & raised in Phoenix, AZ. Moved to Reno, NV in March 2014. Wife, mother and entrepreneurial business owner since 2009. Currently consulting to cannabis businesses that need to expand their network and build relationships in order to grow their business.  She has an established network of professionals from all industries that are able to provide operations support as well as become new alliances for our clients. We specialize in strategic relationship development, business intelligence and product development.

In January 2015 CeCe founded The Cannabis Network of Nevada and has been providing services to the cannabis industry since November 2014. She became a medical marijuana patient in March of 2015 after a back injury and now medicates mainly with 2:1 CBD medicine. Her life saver!

In October 2016 she became the Co-Chair of the new WeCan775 chapter of a Nevada Non-Profit Which helps to provide education, advocacy and wellness to medical cannabis patients and their families.

CeCe has an extensive background in Sales, Networking, Marketing, Strategic Relationship & Business development, Event Planning, commercial construction, restaurant/hospitality, insurance, accounting/bookkeeping & business operations consulting.


Founder | CEO